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Second edition of our dance retreat!

Bali – Afro-Latin Dance holidays

February 5-10, 2018

Please follow this link to know about the first edition; Bali 2017 – Afro-Latin Dance Holidays


Have you ever thought about dancing and relaxing on a tropical island?

Do you want to improve your steps and learn new moves while being on holiday?

Come to Bali!

Join us for an unforgettable vacation of Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba in paradise. 6 days of progressive workshops to significantly improve your skills, social dancing and cultural experiences in a stunning cultural capital of Bali.


A Dance Retreat

More than a dance festival, the idea for Afro-Latin Dance Holidays-Bali was born in the heart of Bali, the cultural town of Ubud. After successfully setting up a professional dance studio in 2015, Ubud Studio, we wanted to offer the option to fully immerse into Afro-Latin dancing and the beauty of Bali. That’s why we created this unique opportunity for you to dance and explore the Balinese culture while on holiday.


Our dance retreat comprises:

  • 20 hours of progressive Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba workshops with Ubud Studio’s teachers and Isabelle and Félicien from Paris.
  • social dancing nights at various locations
  • a full day dedicated to Balinese Dance and culture
  • high quality breath-taking accommodation in beautiful Balinese atmosphere (large single occupancy room, private bathroom, air conditioning, swimming pool and garden, close to the workshops venue)
  • enjoy your complimentary massage
  • airport transfers to the accommodation from and to Denpasar-Bali airport
  • three meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner (vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available*)
  • free time for you to enjoy at your leisure (relax by the pool, get a massage on-site, etc)
  • excursions to the beach and holy sites
  • group size of maximum 26 participants


Don’t miss our last EARLY BIRD PRICE! Book for 6 days dance retreat on beautiful Bali with Isabelle and Félicien. The best present for yourself or your loved one. Save your money, register before the 1st of January!


$1800 USD the all-inclusive package instead of $1900 USD until 2018, January 1st

Don’t miss the chance to live this incredible experience, secure your spot. Only 26 participants maximum.

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The package excludes

  • air fare to and from Bali
  • alcoholic drinks


KajaNe Yangloni

Enjoy your stay and indulge in a luxury, relaxing and high quality accommodation in Ubud, KajaNe Yangloni, a gateway back to the authentic culture and nature of Bali. Get ready for 6 days and 6 nights in paradise! You will feel the Balinese spirituality and enjoy the peaceful environment surrounding you. Designed exclusively to provide all conveniences of travelers in Bali, KajaNe preserves the Balinese heritage and culture yet harmonizes them with contemporary hospitality, services, and facilities.

With a mere 5 minutes driving to the heart of Ubud, KajaNe Yangloni is a haven for you to return after the hustle and bustle of Ubud center. KajaNe Yangloni is designed to offer you a quality stay with traditional feel yet modern facilities and services. Surrounded by nature and rice fields you will feel the relaxing energies of Bali. KajaNe Yangloni will enable you to experience a fully relaxing retreat.


This gem is a luxury hotel with swimming pool and beautiful garden area close to the workshops’ venue, Ubud Studio

Enjoy you free time by the pool, reading a book under a tree, working out at the gym or getting a massage.


You will be accommodated in a large, clean and quiet single occupancy room with double bed, private bathroom, air conditioning  and Wi-Fi (possibility of double occupancy room for couples or friends with special discount for a 2 participants booking, please see below for more details). Your room offers balcony view on the garden, mini bar, air conditioning, safety box and plenty other features.



You will never want to return home again!















Your stay at KajaNE Yangloni includes:

  • Complimentary Welcome Drink
  • Daily Breakfast in each room
  • Daily Complimentary Afternoon Tea & Traditional Cakes
  • Daily Mineral Water supply
  • Free use of our CD/DVD and book collections
  • Free Broadband Internet Access (WIFI) or Free use of Computer at the Library
  • Free use of Sightseeing Bike by one hour advanced booking




Secure your Spot


Don’t miss our last EARLY BIRD PRICE! Book for 6 days dance retreat on beautiful Bali with Isabelle and Félicien. The best present for yourself or your loved one. Save your money, register before the 1st of January!


$1800 USD the all-inclusive package instead of $1900 USD until 2018, January 1st

Don’t miss the chance to live this incredible experience, secure your spot. Only 26 participants maximum.


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We hired the best teachers for you! Talented, professional, friendly and funny! You will be able to accelerate your dancing techniques and skills in progressive workshops compared to singular workshops at big dance festivals. Join us for this unique experience!


Isabelle and Félicien, our International Guest Teachers from Paris

Modern Kizomba

One of the most well-known teachers in the Kizomba world today, Isabelle & Félicien both grew up dancing from a young age before discovering Kizomba in 2009.

Due to her Caribbean background, Isabelle grew up in Guadeloupe dancing African dances, Dancehall, Gwo ka and Hip-hop since she was 6 years old. Félicien started dancing Ballroom, Swing and Rock & Roll when he was 13 years old and later also took up Salsa & Bachata dancing, West Coast Swing as well as Tango.

Both Isabelle & Félicien discovered Kizomba in Paris, in 2009, where they met and started going to the first Kizomba parties organised in the French capital. Party organisers brought well-known teachers such as Kwenda Lima and Afro-Latin Connection to teach the first Kizomba workshops in Paris which was the start of today’s huge Kizomba scene in France.

Whereas Isabelle mostly learned Kizomba by going to dance parties, Félicien attended many workshops to learn this beautiful dance with his favorite teachers Kwenda Lima and Afro-Latin Connection, amongst others.

Isabelle & Félicien started teaching Kizomba at Studio MRG in Paris six years ago and traveling internationally to teach at festivals and events in 2011. Since then they teach regular classes in Paris every Wednesday and travel every week-end to give workshops all over the world.

In February 2018 we will welcome them on Bali to teach 6 Master classes during our exclusive Afro-Latin Dance Holidays!

Be part of this unique experience and secure your spot now!!!






Here is one of their famous video, beautiful Kizomba in the streets of Paris. They are talented, professional and very friendly but also amazing teachers!



Our Balinese Kizomba master, Dewa, has been dancing for more than 12 years. He learned Kizomba from some of the best teachers in the world, such as Kwenda Lima, Albir & Sara, Isabelle & Felicien and Nelson Campos. Dewa has successfully participated in several international dance competitions and won the 2015 International Kizomba Competition (ALIA) in Kuala Lumpur with his partner Gung’Is. His teaching lead him to Japan, Singapore and Timor and when he is not traveling he teaches Kizomba, Zouk and Tango at Ubud Studio. Dewa also organizes various workshops, bringing famous international Kizomba and Zouk teachers to Bali.


Salsa L.A. – Bachata – Rueda de Casino

The founder of the vibrant UbudSalsa community, Balinese born dance teacher Agung has over 10 years experience as a Salsa and Bachata dancer. He has been teaching international students for 8 years and is a successful competitor at Latin dance competitions. He taught and performed internationally in France, Japan and Singapore and is valued for his outstanding style, professionalism and charismatic personality. Agung makes dance accessible and fun, no matter what level the student. Students love him for his joyful and always encouraging way of teaching, making sure that every student gets enough attention and support. Agung has been taught by well-known teachers, such as Kwenda Lima, Inaki Fernandez and Luis & Andrea, amongst others.


Balinese Dance – Kizomba Ladies` styling

Born as a dancer and a great performer in many different styles of dancing, Gung’Is started Balinese Dance at an early age. Graduated from the prestigious Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Denpasar, our beautiful and youngest teacher performed Balinese dance all around Indonesia both for local and foreign organizations and events and even travelled as far as the United States and Germany to share her talent. Gund`Ìs won many contests and competitions demonstrating her natural skills. She is now really passionate to share this part of her culture, the Balinese dancing, with students from all over the world. Together with her partner Dewa, Gung`Is has taught Kizomba in Japan, Singapore and Timor and continues to learn from respected and well-known teachers, such as Kwenda Lima, Albir & Sara, Isabelle & Felicien amongst others.


Salsa L.A style – Bachata – Isolations and body movements

A well known member of the social dance scene in Bali, a talented dancer and performer, Nia impresses on the dance floor. Trained from a young age in Balinese Dance (traditional and contemporary) and later on expanding her skills to Belly dance, Tango and Kizomba, Nia has also been dancing and teaching Salsa and Bachata for almost 10 years.

With one of her strengths being Latin Line Dancing we were very proud of her when she returned with the first place at the Universal Line Dance competition in 2015. Always up for new challenges, Nia will teach you how to move to the rhythm with style and charisma, bringing your hidden dancing skills to the surface.

Check out those videos of our teachers performing in different places and dance festivals around the world.

An incredible choreography by Dewa performed at the Kizomba Extremo Workshop with Kwenda Lima in Singapore

Dewa and Gung’Is’ winning performance in Malaysia at ALIA international competition 2015

Agung and Nia showing a Salsa On1 Intermediate routine at Ubud Studio

Agung & Nia demonstrating a Bachata fusion routine at Ubud Studio

Dewa and Gung`Is showing a short Kizomba routine at Ubud Studio

About Bali and Ubud

Island of Gods

Bali is just one of the more than 17.000 islands of Indonesia, but without a doubt, it is probably the most famous one. Discovered by tourism in the 1970 the then rural and un-touched island was developed to accommodate both backpackers as well as luxury-seeking tourists attracted by lush rice terraces and untouched jungle.

Natural attractions include a large number of flowing waterfalls in all corners of the island, vast expanses of flowing green rice fields, peaceful lakes, scenic routes overlooking tall cliffs along the Eastern shore and through mountainous central Bali as well as numerous impressive temples on every corner.

World heritage rice terrace

Balinese people will enchant you with big smiles and curious questions where you’re from and what your name is. They are friendly and typically love talking to foreigners and the Balinese are also known for their distinct sense of humour.

The island’s two biggest volcanoes, Mount Agung, being the island’s highest point with just over 3’000m, and Mount Batur (1.700m), are home to the gods. Mount Agung is known as the “Mother mountain” and central to Balinese Hinduism belief as it is the place where you return when you die. Mount Batur is considered most holy by the aboriginal people living in the remote jungles around Lake Batur.

The Monkey Forest

The India traditions had a significant effect on Bali. They did not come directly from India but through the neighboring island of Java. This created a unique Indic-Javanese influence on the history of Bali.

Religiously, the island is the only remaining stronghold of Hinduism in the archipelago, and Balinese religion is an amalgam of Hinduism, Buddhism, Malay ancestor cults, and animistic and magical beliefs and practices.

Traditional Balinese dance

Bali is renowned for its diverse and sophisticated art forms, such as painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handcrafts, and performing arts. The typical Balinese gamelan music is highly developed and varied. Balinese performing arts often portray stories from Hindu epics such as the Ramayana but with heavy Balinese influence.

Gunung Kawi Temple

Ubud is known as Bali’s cultural capital and offers a vast range of activities. From Balinese Dance lessons to cooking classes, high-quality spa treatments and spending quality time in beautiful cafes and restaurants, visitors also enjoy a big range of shopping possibilities, outdoor activities as well as cultural visits.

On clear mornings or afternoons, you can enjoy a breathtaking backdrop of Mount Agung and outlying small villages encompassed by rice fields.


It’s time to register!


Don’t miss our last EARLY BIRD PRICE! Book for 6 days dance retreat on beautiful Bali with Isabelle and Félicien. The best present for yourself or your loved one. Save your money, register before the 1st of January!


$1800 USD the all-inclusive package instead of $1900 USD until 2018, January 1st

Don’t miss the chance to live this incredible experience, secure your spot. Only 26 participants maximum.

Early Bird price • $1800 USD per person based on a single occupancy room until 2018, January 1st

Regular price • $1,900 USD per person based on single occupancy room.

For a double occupancy room get a $50 USD discount per person**.


Special price for group registration** (from 6 people), please message us for more information.

All the rooms can be set up with 2 single beds or a double bed, please specify your preference when booking.

50% of the total is required as a deposit at the time of booking. Full payment is due one week before the first day of the retreat, on the 28th of January. The retreat can be canceled by the organizers until 30 days before the first day of the retreat with full refund. See detailed POLICIES.

Are you in?!

Please message us for any inquiries or to register right here with this form or email us at

Contact BALI 2018-Afro-Latin Dance Holidays now and let us guide you to make the dream comes true!

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*if you have special dietary requirements, please inform the organizers upon booking so that we can accommodate your request.

**special group price and double occupancy room discount do not apply for the Super Early Bird price


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